Advanced small molecule and protein design services via the ProtoDiscovery™ platform

Advanced small molecule and protein design services via the ProtoDiscovery™ platform

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Small molecule drug discovery benefits dramatically from the successful application of computational approaches. ProsaRx’s expertise and algorithms aim to provide the ultimate partnered solutions to both small molecule design, screening and optimisation. Our methods are tried and tested in a large repertoire of real-world programs including many targets without previous ligand precedent.

Identification of novel small molecules

We will utilise our proprietary platform and expertise to rapidly identify novel small molecules for your target.


Our novel in-house RxNfinity methodology explores up to 1 trillion compounds for target potential – even in the absence of known active ligands for the target. The technology access is provided on license free basis to our clients and partners.


Using our in-house expertise, we will work with you to design an optimal computational strategy to solve your problem. We recognise the importance of designing the right approach, even if it requires development of a novel methodology.

Advancing your hits to IND

RxCelerate are able to provide fully integrated lead optimisation capabilities to seamlessly advance your hit finding program using the same discovery team.

Our Services

Virtual Screening


Ligand Design

Lead Optimisation

Pharmacology Profiling

Protein optimisation

Antibody Optimisation

Our Platform

The ProsaRx ProtoDiscovery™ platform facilitates rapid and accurate small molecule and biologic identification and optimisation. The team have used and developed approaches in the context of over 50 different drug targets and so are well versed in many different fields of design. We recognise adaptability of approaches is a key factor underpinning successful campaigns. As such our approach is highly customisable to suit your requirements.

Advantages of our Approach

  • Rapid ligand identification for targets even without known ligands
  • Seamless integration with lead optimisation projects
  • Advanced AI approaches for both ligand design and pharmacology prediction

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    About RxCelerate

    ProsaRx is the in silico/computational unit within RxCelerate via acquisition of Prosarix in 2019. RxCelerate was founded in 2013 with a vision to provide a bespoke high quality outsourced drug discovery and development platform. Originally focused on delivering preclinical and in vitro biology services, during the last eight years we have expanded our in-house capabilities to include chemistry, in silico design, systems biology and project and programme management.

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    Advanced small molecule and protein design services using our state-of-the-art ProtoDiscovery™ computational platform.

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